ALB Hong Kong law awards
Asian Legal Business

Willa Legal has been nominated as finalists in two categories for the Asian Legal Business (ALB) Hong Kong Law Awards 2023

Willa Legal and Willa Chan have both received prestigious nominations for the Asian Legal Business Hong Kong Law Awards 2023, which speaks volumes about their exceptional work and dedication in the legal field.

The Rising Law Firm of the Year award recognizes young, up-and-coming law firms that have shown significant growth and innovation in their practices. These firms are typically recognized for their commitment to client service, their ability to handle complex legal issues, and their overall contribution to the legal industry. The nomination of Willa Legal for this award signifies that the firm has made remarkable strides in its brief existence, demonstrating a high level of professionalism and expertise that sets it apart from its peers.

Willa Chan, on the other hand, has been nominated for the Young Lawyer of the Year (Law Firm) category. This award acknowledges the accomplishments of young lawyers who have shown exceptional skill, knowledge, and professionalism in their practice. The nominees for this award are often lawyers who, despite their youth, have made significant contributions to their firms and the legal industry as a whole. Willa Chan's nomination implies that she has demonstrated extraordinary competence and promise in her field, marking her as a rising star in the legal profession.

The Asian Legal Business (ALB) Hong Kong Law Awards are highly respected recognitions in the legal profession. They honor the outstanding performance of private practitioners and in-house teams in Hong Kong and around the region. Being nominated for these awards is a testament to both Willa Legal's and Willa Chan's dedication, skill, and contribution to the legal field.

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